Saturday, March 2, 2013


I started my first "journal" at age 6, started writing my first "book" at age 7, and started writing "poetry" around age 9. My first dream job was to be a book publisher so that I would get paid to read all day. Writing has never really been something I talk about or share, though. So, with a dash of characteristically under-developed boldness, I decided that I'd like to share this with you. Pair it with Matthew chapter 24.

             ly ache for of a
flowerburst! moment
      eria (growing up the wall upon the sky
and listen)
silver mouth of ocean shudders shut
stars trickle like gravity
flowers turn their heads
and listen for of up

but.shouting faces affixed machetes triggers booming clawing fingers scrabble (down
listless rolling white eyes up)petal quivers down.
great red gash across a vacant garment of sky and
stars trickle like thunder

and.detonation of passionate color
amid greenbluegold (for of up
      eria breaks into rose
        er blossoms into song

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  1. Yay Erica! I'm so glad you shared this! I always love reading your poetry.